Thursday, January 6, 2011

Or So???

According to Heyman's Twitter, the Yanks are willing to give Andy $12-13 mil to come back for 2011.

And Heyman has the audacity to compare Andy to Favre in that tweet??  Are you shitting me?  Am I living in bizarro world?  What the fuck is going on here?

The Yankees are staring down the barrel of Sergio Mitre or the previously-mentioned pile of free agent shit as their 5th starter heading into the 2011 season and they are really trying to lowball Andy on a 1-year deal??

If it were me, I would be offering him exclusive naming rights to the ad space on the right field wall, an iPad 5 and iPhone 6 (even though they haven't been invented yet), and a portion of the concession profits from each home game to get him to come back this season.  Let's not forget that in addition to Mitre, the Yanks are right now counting on A.J. Burnett for major contributions in 2011.  If Andy Pettitte tells you he wants Hank and Hal to personally inject him in the ass with HGH next season every Wednesday morning during every week of the regular season in addition to his salary, you fucking make that deal.  I don't give a fuck if the dude is only good for 15 starts next season, those 15 will still be better than any 15 the Yanks will get from any of their other current options.

Of course this could just be the beer talking.  But it makes perfect sense to me.

Andy Pettitte > Francis, Garcia, Bonderman, and Millwood on their combined best day.

Another Crummy Pitching Option Surfaces

Thanks, Jon Heyman.  Thanks for bringing my lunch back up to the back of my throat.

So this is what it's come to, huh?  Freddy Garcia, Jeff Francis, Jeremy Bonderman, and now Kevin Fucking Millwood?  Jesus Christ.

Jeff Goldblum, your thoughts?