Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Day's Offerings From Yankee Blogland

Because I'm just too damn lazy and tired today to post anything funny or insightful and I'll probably be too drunk tomorrow to post anything funny or insightful, here's a quick link fix from around the Yankee blog world.

-Lenny Neslin puts together a nice comparison between The Babe and Albert Pujols through the first 9 seasons of their careers.  Of course, The Babe comes out on top.  Shocker.

-Sam Borden at LoHud takes a look at the challenges facing Girardi in regards to team chemistry this season.

-Matt Imbrogno from TYU, in their continued genius generated from fanatical statistical analysis and using simple logic, examines the Yankees defensive projections for the season.  Early returns are looking good in the field.

-And just to keep things light, the boys at It Is High, It Is Far, It Is... caught poke fun at Dustin Pedroia's off-season workout regimen.  If you're making fun of the Red Sox, I'm there.

Enjoy the Super Bowl, Yankee fans.  I'll be back Monday.