Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Guy Sucks

Down 17-16 to Michigan St. at halftime on your home field?

7 first half penalties a week after your 9 against Michigan contributed to your team blowing the game??

A defense that, for the 5th consecutive year since you waddled onto campus, can't cover or tackle anybody???

Somebody gather up all his extra Hostess cakes, Hot Pockets, and vats of nacho cheese from his office and donate it all to local food shelters, and then get a forklift and a flatbed truck to dump him on because this fat fuck has to go.

And if that doesn't work, find Carrie Fisher to choke him to death with her chain...

P.S.- That's not even Jabba The Hutt; that actually is Charlie Weis.

BREAKING NEWS: Mariano Rivera Is Human!!!

So Mo blew a save last night?  Big fucking deal.  Every other closer in baseball has blown at least 2, 3, 4, or more saves this season and last night was Mo's 2nd of the year in the team's 148th game, and first since April. 

I'm sure everybody at Baseball Tonight had to hide their boners when they saw Mo give up the game-winning homerun to Ichiro (which is nothing to be ashamed of), especially considering the Red Sox won again last night, but let's not forget that other than his 2 hiccups this season, Mo has been lights out whereas Papelbon can pretty much be penciled in to put 2 runners on and throw 20-25 pitches in his 9th-inning appearances.

I, and any other Yankee fan with half a brain, should be more concerned with the fact that AJ Burnett finally looked competent pitching in a baseball game and Johnny Damon broke out of his nearly month-long slump.  Based on the time between his first and second blown saves this season, Rivera should be golden moving forward into the playoffs and that's what you want; get all the BS out of the way now and move forward.