Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh Really, Tim?

(Video used courtesy of NYY Stadium Insider)

Yes, that is Tim McCarver comparing the Yankee front office to Nazis during yesterday's game.  And yes, it is proof that he is still so bitter about being fired by the Yankees that he can't NOT go without trying to bash them in one way or another.

First, he took time on Tuesday during the All-Star Game to tell us all the story of the time George Steinbrenner was yelling at people in the clubhouse to turn off the volume of McCarver while he was commentating on the Subway Series.  What a way to honor George's passing, huh?  By bringing up a petty, stupid little story that McCarver has obviously held onto since it first happened.

And then there's yesterday, where McCarver spent pretty much the entire top of the 4th inning ranting and raving about how the Yankees have treated Joe Torre since he was let go.  According to McCarver, the Yankees should have already retired his number, put his plaque up in Monument Park, and renamed the Stadium "Joe Torre Stadium."  Newsflash, Tim.  Torre is still actively managing!!  He is a competitor right now.  I imagine it would be a little difficult for Joe to make travel arrangements for all these ceremonies when he's busy managing his own team.  Let's give it a few years and let Joe retire before we start bashing the organization for what they haven't yet done for him.

Anybody who thinks the Yankees aren't going to honor Joe Torre is a moron.  The guy did more for the organization over the 90s and 2000s than anybody and everybody within the higher-up levels of the Yankee brass knows that.  Surely McCarver knows this also, he just can't get over his firing before the creation of the YES Network.  He's so salty about that and the fact that he's sitting next to Joe Buck every Saturday afternoon instead of Michael Kay that he takes every opportunity he can to bash the organization.  It would almost be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

Just relax, Tim.  Shut the fuck up and calm the fuck down and let it go.

Or keep running your mouth and risk having Hank and Hal kidnap you one night in your sleep and throw you in the gas chamber.

Man Vs. Door

(Photo courtesy of The AP)

It was already a shitty day for A.J. yesterday through 2 innings.  He was missing his spots, hitting batters, uncorking wild pitches, and giving up home runs to the number 9 hitter in the Rays lineup.  But then an even bigger nemesis reared its ugly head after the 2nd inning.

That's right.  The dreaded clubhouse door.  The evil cousin of the clubhouse wall that Kevin Brown broke his hand on way back when.  Yesterday it was up to its dastardly tricks, applying cuts to A.J.'s hand as he tried to push his way through them.  Yes sir, those doors knew exactly what they were doing, luring A.J. in to the dark side and then making him pay for daring to lay his hands on them.  I'm pretty sure they shot lightning bolts out of themselves to cause the cuts on his hands, a la The Emperor at the end of "Return of the Jedi."  The only sad part is that they didn't cut A.J. sooner, like before he even took the mound yesterday to lay another egg.

So just to recap, A.J. now has trouble locating his fastball, locating his curveball, pitching with runners on base, getting guys out, not hitting batters, being a professional, being a man, and successfully walking through doors without hurting himself.  And to top it all off, he lied to the team about it to try and cover it up.

Oh well, at least they didn't hit him on the way out...