Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Over/Unders

Getting ready to head to my company outing in a little while, probably won't be around until tomorrow afternoon, so here's some over/under lines for the remainder of this series.  If you were a betting man (or woman), what are ya takin' here?

- Yankee Hits w/ RISP Today: 2

- Yankee Runs Scored Rest of Series: 6

- Nova IP Today: 5

- Curtis Granderson HR Rest of Series: 2

- HR Allowed by Yankee Pitching Rest of Series: 4

Game 144 Wrap-Up: TB 6 NYY 4

(Just admit you're hurt so we can stop speculating.  Courtesy of the AP)
Normally a CC Sabathia-David Price pitching matchup is must-see TV.  The first team to 2 or 3 is usually going to win and there's always the possibility of a shutout, a complete game, or double digit strikeouts if one guy is really feeling it.  With the way Sabathia has pitched since coming off the DL, there wasn't quite that same luster last night, and the feeling was more geared towards hope, hope that CC wouldn't continue to get hit around and give up home runs.  He managed to not give up any last night, but still encountered many of the same problems that have plagued him all year.

Game Notes:

- The Yankees didn't get much against Price early, but they did manage 1 run in the 2nd inning.  Go figure that it was Steve Pearce coming through with the 2-out RBI single.  It's still not good that he's hitting in the middle of the lineup, but at least he produced there.

- After a close call in the 1st, CC worked painlessly and efficiently through the 4th, getting all 9 outs on the infield and 4 on the ground.  His command was better and he located his fastball well early in the count.  Sabathia was also throwing more changeups, a trend that's popped up recently.

- Things came apart for Sabathia almost inconceivably quickly in the 5th.  He gave up a leadoff double to Chris Gimenez, walked 2 batters after being ahead in the count, and allowed a pair of singles.  His fastball command went away, he couldn't finish hitters off, and Tampa took a 3-1 lead.

- Curtis Granderson got him back within a run with a solo blast to lead off the bottom of the 5th.  It's been a strange few games for Curtis, truly all or nothing, but he got all of the 5th fastball he saw in that at-bat.

- Sabathia got 3 groundball outs in the 6th and looked to be back on the right track, but couldn't close out the 7th inning, giving up a 2-out single to Ben Zobrist that scored a run and put the Rays back up by 2.

- Don't ask me why Cody Eppley was left out to start the 8th inning against a red hot B.J. Upton.  In a 2-run game in a playoff race this close it should have been Joba.  Upton took Eppley deep to extend the lead to 5-2, a run that would end up being very big.

- With Price out of the game after 7, the Yankees wasted little time trying to make a late run.  Derek Jeter singled and Alex Rodriguez homered to pull them within 1 with just 1 out in the 8th.  The Yanks drew 2 more walks, but Russell Martin struck out swinging and C-Grand grounded out on the first pitch he saw to end the inning.

- Joe went to Joba for the 9th, and Chamberlain got burned by some bad Eduardo Nunez defense to plate a Rays' insurance run.  Fernando Rodney sat the 9th down 1-2-3 and that was your ballgame.