Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Bobby V Pleas Were Heard!!

And I couldn't be happier.  Congratulations, Fraud Sawx Nation.  Embrace your new savior.  Judging by his past choices of dugout wear, he should fit right in with the biggest group of phonies and phony fans in the world.

I'm especially loving the details from the story that seem to indicate ownership and the GM might not have been on the same page on this decision too.  Because nothing helps start the recovery process from the biggest collapse in baseball history like having a fractured decision-making group making major personnel decisions.  Especially when that fractured group is bringing in a known question mark when it comes to dealing with players.  Things are already looking up in Beantown!

P.S.- I really hope Cash comes out of left field some time in the next 48 hours with a monster trade just to steal the Fraud Sawx's thunder here.

Happy Birthday, Mo

It still feels weird wishing a cybernetic organism from some distant planet in the future a birthday.  I mean, honestly, do they even technically have birthdays?  And if they do, what are you supposed to get them?  But according to his cover story, today is Mo's birthday and I am obligated as a Yankee blogger, Yankee fan, and pathetic mere mortal to wish him a happy birthday and bow down to his all-worldly greatness.

He doesn't know if he's going to come back after his contract is up at the end of the 2012 season, so this may be the last time we get to wish him a happy b-day while he's still active and not returning to his home planet.

Happy birthday, Mo.  You're the greatest individual athlete at one position in the history of sports and I think I speak for Yankee fans everywhere when I say that we love having the privilege of watching you do your thing each and every year and will truly miss it when the day comes that you decide to no longer do said thing.

P.S.- I feel so much cooler knowing that my birthday is so close to Mo's.

Morning Trade Whispers

According to Joel Sherman, the Yankees aren't having any "hi-level" trade talks with other teams right now.  With rumors swirling about Matt Garza, hopes being had by many for John Danks, and dreams (however unrealistic they are) still existing for King Felix, I think we can assume that those guys aren't being discussed right now as they would all be "hi-level" targets.

And that can mean only one thing.  The Yanks are looking to move A.J.  After all, a 5.15 ERA and 4.77 FIP doesn't exactly scream "hi-level" performance.

/crosses fingers