Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mo Reportedly At 95% Physically, To Start Throwing In A Week

Bryan Hoch has all the details, but the big news is that Mariano Rivera is continuing to progress positively in his comeback from ACL surgery.  According to Mo he is at about 95% right now and should be ready to  start his preseason throwing program in "about a week."  Speaking from a pitching clinic in my hometown of Danbury, CT, Mo sounded very confident he'd be ready for the 2013 season:

“By the time Spring Training starts, it’ll feel 100 percent … It needs more strengthening. The five percent will come quick.”

Mo also said he expected to have a "normal" Spring Training, which for him means showing up a little later, working at his own pace, and pitching just a few in-game innings over the course of the ST game schedule.  For a normal 43-year-old pitcher coming off ACL surgery, this might not sound like the best plan of action.  But Mo didn't get to where he is in his career by not being in great shape and not knowing his own body, and said, "“I’ll make sure when I get there, I’ll be ready,” so that's enough for me to trust he knows his own body in this case.

The bottom line is that the G.O.A.T. is stepping back into his office soon, and getting back to work.  Now somebody cue the cologne ad!