Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sour Puss Is Coming Back

In what surely comes as the most shocking story in sports since... well, ever in the history of the world, Andrew Marchand breaks in with this "hold the phone" bit of info:

"As expected, Rafael Soriano is not going to opt out. Nothing is official yet, but there is no way Soriano is going to beat the $11 million the Yankees will pay him next year and the $14 million who [sic] is scheduled to pick up in 2013 on the open market."

 Elaine, your thoughts?

I completely agree, Elaine.  This is like "The Decision," the Wayne Gretzky trade press conference, the Magic Johnson AIDS press conference, the OJ car chase, and the Lou Gehrig "luckiest man" speech all rolled into one.  I'm not near a TV right now, but I imagine SportsCenter is giving this news wall-to-wall coverage.

I apologize to anybody if reading this post was the first you heard of this story and the enormity of it caused you to faint, fall down, and/or piss yourself in shock.  I was floored myself.  But once you regain your composure, and come to terms with the magnitude of this revelation, you can sleep soundly tonight knowing that the Yankees have locked up their setup man to the setup man for next season.  And look at how happy Raffy is to hear the news: