Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend News & Notes

I took my first real break since last Christmas this weekend, and you probably noticed it was a little slow around the site.  If you spent as much time away from your computer as I did and need to catch up, here's what you missed:

- CC Sabathia got absolutely shellacked yesterday in the series finale against the Rays in what was arguably his worst outing of the season.  He gave up HRs to Sean Rodriguez AND James Loney, which is unforgivable, and continues to have the Rays be a thorn in his side.

- Still no more news on C-Grand's injured pinky, but both Chris Stewart and Eduardo Nunez are still feeling the effects of their recent injuries and still aren't ready to return.

- Ivan Nova returned to game action for the first time on Saturday night, and almost predictably loaded the bases in extra innings against the Rays before wriggling off the hook and ending up the winning pitcher.  Good to see nothing has changed with Ivan.

- The Yanks finally got rid of Ben Francisco's dead weight to clear a roster spot for the recently acquired David Huff.  The lefty pitched in yesterday's game and was pretty terrible.  The team is currently carrying 13 pitchers with Huff, and presumably looking to play lefty matchups this week.

- Mark Teixeira is confirmed to be starting his MiL rehab assignment this coming Wednesday in Trenton.  No word on whether Kevin Youkilis is joining him, although he has been getting sim game ABs with Teix, or if Michael Pineda will also start his assignment.

- Subway Series starts tonight, 2 at Citi and then 2 at YS3, and the highlight will be tomorrow night's pitching matchup of Hiroki Kuroda and Matt Harvey.

OK, break over.  Blog on.