Thursday, July 22, 2010

One More For The Horse

That's one more gallop towards history tonight for A-Diaz.  The Kansas City Royals don't know how lucky they are.  To get to experience such a monumental event at some point this weekend.

I mean, to be able to one day tell your grandkids that you got to see the first centaur in history to hit 600 career home runs on the day he hit his 600th is something all right. 

Lucky bastards.

The Yankee Family Loses Another

(Ralph Houk: 1919-2010)

Yesterday the Yankees lost another one of their own, as  Ralph Houk passed away at age 90.  He has the interesting distinction of being a member of the Yankees as a player, manager, and GM, and was a part of multiple World Series-winning teams.  I won't even pretend to know as much about Houk as others, so I'll just direct you to this post by Jay at Fack Youk, who does a much better job of telling Houk's story  than I ever could.

Godspeed, Major.