Friday, July 2, 2010

Blowed Up

 Joba, D-Rob, CHoP, just go the fuck home.  What a goddamn disgrace.  Seriously, if Chan Ho Park is on the Yankee roster tomorrow morning, I might kill somebody.

Get me fucking Mark Melancon, Royce Ring, and Jon Albaladejo in the Bronx and in the 'pen, STAT!!

The New And Improved A.J.?

Well Dave Eiland is back and it sounds like he wasted no time in changing A.J.'s diapers, re-heating his bottle for him, and putting his binky back in his mouth.  They've talked, they've worked in the bullpen, and Eiland pointed out the 47 things A.J. was doing wrong.  He was opening up too early, he was dropping his shoulder, he was working off different spots on the mound, he was holding onto the ball too long. 

Now he's back to the right spot on the mound and these mechanical glitches should be fixed, so what will we see from A.J. today?  According to him, Tuesday's bullpen session went great and now he's back to doing what "A.J. wanted to do," so we'll see.  Sometimes A.J. doing what he wants to do is a scary thought.