Saturday, May 8, 2010

Francisco Cervelli Is The Man Up In This Piece

He runs shit here!  You just live here!

3-4 with a walk and 5 RBIs tonight.  5 RBIs!!!  This guy is insane.  For the season to date he's now hitting .429 with a 1.000 OPS and 12 RBIs in just 42 at-bats.  He has a 2B, a 3B, and 5 BBs to just 3 Ks while providing Gold Glove caliber defense behind the plate.

Sure he looks like a jackass with that gigantic, Dark Helmet batting monstrosity, but dude is just straight up knocking dicks in the dirt left and right right now.  He is a bad, bad man, and King Kong ain't got shit on him.

And if you were keeping score at home, Teix had 3 HRs and 5 ribbies today and Nick Swisher drove in 3 more.  Just throught I would mention that in case anybody missed it.

Fear The Parachute Pants

CC takes the hill tonight and judging by this picture from last night...

... I'd say somebody in the heart of the Boston order better be ready to hit the deck today.

And everybody can spare me the "none of the HBPs were intentional.  Why would he do that with the bases loaded?" crap.  Every single one of those plunk jobs and brush backs were intentional by Beckett.  He had nothing in the 6th inning, he knew he had nothing, and he wanted out of the game ASAP.  In his mind, what better way to do that than continue to plunk Yankees and hopefully hurt one in the process?  I mean, knocking Cano out of the game was the only positive contribution he made for his team last night.

So be aware in the box today Justin, Kev, Sloppi, and Victor.  I wouldn't be worried about taking one the other way or trying to find gaps today as much as I'd be worried about getting the fuck out of the way.

(Photo used courtesy of LoHud)