Saturday, August 28, 2010

A.J. Burnett Is Delusional

(Photo courtesy of The AP)

From George King's article in the Post today:

"I don't know what that means," Burnett said when Girardi's 'evaluation' comment was presented to him.

It means you fucking sucked last night and you sucked the start before that during a time where the rotation already has plenty of question marks and you should be counted on to provide some stability.  Not to mention the fact that you've sucked for the majority of the season without showing any ability to correct the problems you continue to have.

"I look forward to my next start. [Not making the start] would surprise me, but he makes the decisions."

Surprising.  Of course.  Because what manager wouldn't want to throw a guy out there who has pitched to a 12.19 ERA and 2.52 WHIP in his last 2 starts?  Especially when that guy is his supposed #2 pitcher, who happens to be making $16.5 million this season, and is an 11-year MLB veteran that should know how to handle himself out on the mound but always shits the bed at the first sign of trouble like a scared Little Leaguer.  You're right, A.J.  That would be surprising.

"I am not getting swings [on pitches] I was getting before.  I am getting too much of the plate."

You're not getting swings on those pitches you were before, A.J., because those pitches are miles out of the strikezone and usually heading to the backstop, as indicated by your 3 wild pitches and 3 walks in just 3.1 innings last night.  The ones you're getting too much of the plate on are the ones that are being swung at.  And they're being deposited all over the ballpark.

Consider yourself lucky that Joe left you an option to possibly make your next start.  If it was up to me, your sorry ass wouldn't even be allowed in the clubhouse.