Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back At The Negotiating Table

Well look who came crawling back!  After reportedly talking with Jeter yesterday morning, Casey Close reached out to the Yankees yesterday, according to NY Daily News, and then went to Tampa to meet face-to-face with Head Elf Cashman and Big Hal.

This was a smart, if not surprising, move by Close to get these talks going back in the right direction.  Ever since his "baffling" comment hit the papers and airwaves, the public opinion has been strongly for the Yankees and against Close and Jeter.  Those flames were fanned further when the reports of the 6-year/$ 150 mil desires and even the $23-24 mil/year desires were brought to light.  I guess it's not a good idea to call out the team making the best offer to your client without you ever making an official counter offer while rumors swirl about you and your client having incredibly outsized demands after all, huh?

All kidding aside, this is a good sign for both sides.  Clearly Jeter has been paying attention to all the negative talk he and Close have been getting as a result of their rumored demands and wanted to get things back on track rather than drag this out.  Surely in his talk with Close yesterday morning he told him how important it was that this deal get done sooner rather than later and sent Close to Tampa as a show of good faith.  If things continue to progress in this positive direction, we could be looking at a new deal being announced soon after the Winter Meetings.