Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Brian Bullington?  Brian Fucking Bullington??  That's who's absolutely shitting on the Yankee lineup right now???  Am I even awake right now?

The guy has never, NEVER won a game at the Major League level.  He's one of the biggest busts in MLB history and he's completely dominating a lineup chock full of guaranteed future and potential HOFers.

It's shit like this that has the Yanks only 2 games up in the division right now instead of 6 or 7.  Time to wake up and start playing again, boys...

One Homer, Two Homers, Three Homers, Hahahahaha!

(Photo courtesy of The AP)

In case you couldn't tell, that was a Count from "Sesame Street" reference right there.  Pretty intense stuff here at AB4AR when I'm at the shore.

But in any case, did somebody say A-Rod had no more power?  That he was washed up?  That he had no chance to challenge the all-time record?  Dude looked pretty fucking solid to me last night.  KC couldn't get anything by him, and we aren't just talking meatballs down the middle here.  The pitches were lower in the zone, a location that The Horse hasn't been able to generate a lot of power from this season, and he absolutely mashed all 3 bombs he hit.

Homers can come in bunches for power hitters like him.  Something tells me he's going to start making a run at 30 for the year and keep his streak of consecutive 30-HR, 100-RBI seasons intact and continue to cement his legacy as the greatest half-human, half-horse hybrid creature athlete of all time.

All hail the A-Taur!!