Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Another fucking A-Bomb!!  The dude should just marry Kate now and be done with it.

So much for Scott Kazmir owning the Yankees.  Suck it, Kurkjian, and blow me, Mark Grace.  Go feed banana slices to the Rally Monkey and shut the fuck up.

Let the ass grabbing commence!!

Really, Halos Heaven? Really??

Really, guys? Doctoring the ball? Visual proof? Get fucking real.

You just stole a game last night that if you didn't win you would have been dead in the water tonight and you can't just be happy with that? You have to try to stir up more shit for this series and make a weak attempt at knocking arguably the greatest baseball player at doing what he's paid to do off his game? Everybody at Halos Heaven needs to re-fucking-lax for a second and stop blasting images all over the place like they just uncovered the location of the second shooter on the Zapruder Film. Baseball players spit, whopdee-damn-do! Doesn't mean they're spitting on the ball, doesn't mean they're trying to doctor the ball.

And why is Major League Baseball wasting their time getting involved here and investigating this? Guys, it's Mariano Rivera!! The guy who's been doing the same thing looking the same way for the last 15 years. He's the least suspicious player in professional sports. And if you look back through his history, there are actually a few speed bumps in the road (see: 1997 ALCS, 2001 World Series). That's the sign of a natural career playing out, so why would Mo suddenly decide to start doctoring the ball in the playoffs when there are more umps and more cameras around and when he's shown signs of being just as good, if not better, this year than he was 1, 2, 5, or 10 years ago?

And if you want to go down the "Well maybe he's been doing this the whole time and that's the secret to his success" road, don't waste your time. If Mo had been throwing a spitter his whole career, then he would have never given up a run or a hit ever. The guy is 99% unhittable as it is with just the cutter; throw some spit in there and we're talking about 7 Yankee titles since '96 and not 4.

I expect this kind of bush-league stuff from Red Sox fans and ESPN (and really, what's the difference between them?) but coming from ho-hum fans like the Angels' faithful is a shock, and so is MLB's response to investigate. I figured at least Major League Baseball would be rooting for the Yankees so they could get more revenue sharing money to keep teams like the Royals and Nationals afloat.

All this anti-Yankee sentiment from every angle is just more proof that the Yanks are the team to beat this year and everybody knows it.