Monday, October 24, 2011

Andrew Marchand's Strategy For Re-Signing CC Is... Surprisingly Good

(Would 5 years/$125 million be enough to bring the parachute pitching pants back to the Bronx?)

It really is.  Normally I'm the first to jump all over Andy and his pal Wally when they're spouting off something stupid, but the plan that Marchand lays out in this post actually makes a lot of sense.

With all the concern the Yankee front office will surely have with handing out guaranteed years and money to a guy well into his late-30s after the A-Rod deal, 5 years/$125 mil is a perfect starting point.  The annual value of that contract is higher than what they originally paid CC on his first contract, it makes him the highest-paid starter in the game again, and it lessens the risk the Yankees take on if CC's weight, innings, and knees start to catch up to him as he approaches his late-30s.

I don't know if I would take the "go find a better approach" if he wants more years like they did with Jeter this past offseason and risk damaging the relationship with CC and his agent.  Let's remember that we are still talking about a guy who's in his prime right now, not on the decline.  But like Andrew, I would not be opposed to matching any offer he does get from another team that does include a guaranteed 6th year.  I would even be in favor of bumping the money up to 26-27 mil a year over 5 or 6 years to really force CC to back up his "I love New York" talk.  And that's before we even get into talking about extra option years, incentives, etc.  Bottom line is, 5/125 is a great starting point for both sides.

P.S.- If you're looking for more CC contract talk, Mike A. at RAB had this post that referenced other contract talking points last week.

This Is Not How You Make Fun Of The Fraud Sawx

To quote Paul Mooney from the episode of "Chappelle's Show" where he's reviewing Tom Cruise in "The Last Samurai," I was offended by this.  I really was.

First off, lose the tie, my man.  You've got it tied in a big, ridiculous, Merril Hoge knot and you look like a dope.  And loosen up a little.  You look scared to death reading off those cue cards or whatever you have in front of you that has all your jokes.

Second of all, who are you supposed to be in this video?  Why are you in charge of a Fraud Sawx audition casting call?  Set the scene, man!  Give me some background so I know where you're coming from and know why this is supposed to be funny!  Are you supposed to be Lucchino?  Henry?  You have to be somebody pretty high up in the organization to be asking for resumes for catcher.  What the hell??

Third, and this was the biggest mistake of all, you didn't anybody out by name.  Don't just say they're looking for a new GM.  Say they need a new GM because Theo Epstein decided to skip town to the Cubbies because he didn't want to help clean up the mess he made.  Don't say they need a new starting pitcher, say they need somebody who isn't going to put up the worst numbers in team history like John Lackey or somebody who isn't going to choke in crunch time like Josh Beckett and Jon Lester.  Don't just poke fun at them.  Twist the fucking knife, man!

Lastly, make sure somebody proofreads your graphics before you decide to throw something up on YouTube.  There's no apostrophe in "playoffs."  Tighten that shit up, bro.

P.S.- I'm pretty sure people in professional baseball don't have to send their resumes to other teams.

(via Deadspin)