Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fuck The Metrodome

YAYYYYYYY!!!!  We just wasted our entire bullpen for the opportunity to get our testicles handed to us in a Yankees batting helmet ice cream bowl.  I'm so excited!!!!

I hope you fuckers get a good night's sleep on the plane.  Here's a little lullaby for you...

 See you tomorrow at 6 for the live blog.

Yankees Giving Twins or Tigers A Fair Chance By Catching Molina in Game 2

Jorge Posada just revealed that Joe Girardi told him on Sunday that Jose Molina will catch A.J. Burnett in this series.

“I just hope we win that game,” Posada said. “That’s all I’ve got to say.”

He added, “It’s not like I didn’t see it coming.”

When asked if he might be the DH when Molina catches, Posada said he wasn’t sure but that, “Matsui is our DH.” (story courtesy of the LoHud Yankee blog)

I fucking love it.  The Yankees are chilling out right now, having a team dinner or all enjoying banging their hot wives and girlfriends while the Tigers and Twins battle it out for the right to fly into New York late tonight for the massacre to be and the Yankees are already taking it easy on them by subbing Molina in for Jorge in Game 2. 

It's almost like the Yankees are taking pity on whichever team wins tonight and saying "hey listen, guys, real good effort out there tonight.  It's cute that you tried so hard and fought to the end just so you could come here and get your shit pushed in.  Tell ya what, we'll sit Jorge for Game 2 so A.J. can have his security blanket behind the plate and absolutely tear through your lineup for 7 innings, but at least you'll be able to guarantee there's somebody in our lineup that you'll be able to get out.  How's that sound?"

It doesn't take a Rhode's Scholar to realize that Jorge is pretty pissed about being taken out of the lineup for Lumpy Molina, but it's only because he wants to sweep the opening round so everybody can rest up for the ALCS.  Jorge knows with him in the lineup it won't really matter how good or bad A.J. pitches because the Yankees will pick him up by scoring 1,574 runs.  But the Yankee higher-ups have spoken and they've decided they want to give their opponents a little glimmer of hope and Jorge just has to deal with it.

The Yankees' gamesmanship over the last couple weeks has been amazing.  I wouldn't be shocked if Jeter steps into the batter's box in Game 1 batting lefty just to fuck with the Tigers or Twins even more.  And after A.J. wipes the floor with whoever they play in Game 2, he should go over and smash a whipped cream-filled towel into the opposing manager's face.

Down, Jorge, down!!  You'll get your chance to stab hearts and bitchslap babies in Game 3.