Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is The Offense Starting to Re-Awaken?

After the Yankee offense continued to get shut down by Takahashi's crane style last night, they turned to Phil Hughes today to get back to their winning ways and Hughes did not disappoint.

After allowing a couple of cheapie home runs to Jose Reyes in the first 3 innings, Hughes buckled down and shut the Mets out over the next 4 innings, giving the Yanks' offense just enough time to wake up and take the lead thanks to a pair or 2-run homers from Teix and C-Grand.  After that it was Joba and Mo for 2 and the news was being spread.

No Jeter in the lineup today because of a bruised heel, and without The Horse out there the left side of the infield was made up of the dynamic duo of Ramiro Pena and Kevin Russo today, so that's still a concern for the Yankees moving forward.  And it's also not good that they scored more runs today than they had in the past 3 games.  But once again, the Yankees found a way to win and have a chance to win the series tomorrow.

P.S.- Mike Pelfrey?  BAH!