Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Signs Are All Around Us

As if it wasn't already a foregone conclusion that the Yankees are going to put a stranglehold on the Series this weekend, consider these juicy tidbits:

* The Phillies are throwing who has been arguably their worst postseason pitcher thus far, Cole Hamels, against the newly crowned King of postseason victories, Andy Pettitte.

* The Yankees are getting their 2 best pitchers, who have good track records throwing on short rest, to pitch in Games 4 and 5, while the Phillies have announced the immortal Joe Blanton as their Game 4 starter.

* A-Rod is actually a centaur, and we all know how dangerous those things can be, so it's only a matter of time before he relaxes at the plate, stops expanding his own strike zone, and gets back to the short, compact swing that did so much damage in the first 2 series.

* The Phillies still have this guy... their manager.

I haven't agreed with a lot of Joe's decisions this postseason, but I would rather take his meddling and binder checking than Uncle Charlie's "gee willikers," mindless babbling.  He sounds like a fucking confused NASCAR crew chief.

Everything is coming together exactly as it was predicted by the Mayans 40 bajillion years ago, or whenever the hell they thought up all that crap.  Don't be surprised if tonight kicks off the series of events that ensures the only reason this series makes it back to New York is for the parade.