Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas Sale (Sort Of)

With Brandon Webb coming off the board, the pitching options continue to thin out for the Bombers.  To put it in perspective, Freddy Garcia and Jeff Francis are the equivalent of getting pairs of socks and underwear for Christmas that you know you need but definitely don't want for Christmas and certainly didn't ask for.  And trading for Joe Blanton is like getting a Playstation 2 game that you already have from a crazy uncle who doesn't realize that XBox 360 and PS3 even exist yet.

There still is Andy Pettitte out there, who's basically like getting a first generation iPod.  But at least an iPod is useful and still with the times.  The technology might be a bit behind, but it still serves a purpose.  Compared to the other options, I'd be paying top dollar for the old iPod right now.