Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Does This Team Really Need?

The trade deadline is exactly one week away, and the more and more I watch this team play or read the game recaps, the more confused I become about what their plan should be for making moves at the deadline.

One day they put up 17 runs and 20 hits and look like they never even lost A-Rod to injury, the next they look like they've never hit in the Major League before.  One time through the rotation they've got everybody clicking on all cylinders, with Bartolo and Freddy pitching like they're in their prime, the next they both look old and washed up.  One outing Hughes looks like first-half 2010 Phil Hughes, the next he looks like he should be making more MiL rehab starts.  And don't even get me started on A.J. and Boone Logan.

On any given day, the Yankees can look like they'll sweep the World Series with the team they have right now or they can look like they should be blown up and start over.  And as much as I'd love to play the John Sterling "You just can't predict baseball, Suzyn" card, when it comes to inconsistency of this nature I just can't.  There are a multitude of needs for the team right now, even if none of them involve making a big Cliff Lee-like splash.  But those needs aren't going to come cheap, and how do you judge whether a 2-month Band-Aid is worth giving up some promising young talent, especially with Soriano and Chavez coming back soon and The Horse eventually galloping back into the lineup?

For my money, another impact reliever is a must, preferably a lefty.  I'm tired of Boone Logan and his shenanigans, and I don't have faith in anybody out there not named Robertson or Rivera (that feeling goes double for Soriano).  Next, I would want a bat for the bench, provided it doesn't cost much more than a C- or D-level prospect.  And as much as it pains me to say it, I think a starter should be the last thing on the wish list.  There's nothing out there that's head and shoulders better than what the Yankees have, and the guys who are better are either going to cost too much in terms of prospects or are just flat out not available.  CC is a monster, Bartolo is fine, Freddy is still getting it done, and you have to think Hughes is going to figure it out sooner or later.  As much as he pisses us all off, A.J. as your 4th or 5th best starter is something we can live with, especially with the 'pen and lineup getting strengthened from within with the guys coming back from injuries.

I have no clue what the Yankees' plans are over the next week.  From reading all the rumors and stories, it doesn't sound like they do either.  But with the inconsistency they've shown lately, I think a move or 2 is an absolute must.  I'm just happy I'm not in Cash's shoes to have to make those calls this year.

People Are Still Writing About Kei Igawa

I know, I can't believe it either.  But there's a very in-depth story by Bill Pennington about the $46 million waste of space from yesterday's NYT, which you can find here.

It's bad enough that writers still find this story of epic failure newsworthy.  As much as he sucks, you can't really help but feel bad for Igawa when you read this story.  But it gets worse when you read Cash's comment when asked about the Igawa deal.

"It was a disaster.  We failed."

"Oof" and "da" right there, folks.  I really don't think a GM could describe any deal for any player in a worse way.