Wednesday, October 26, 2011

AB4AR Self-Promotion

Time to plug the Facebook page again.  Go there, check it out, snoop around, and then "Like" the crap out of it.  It's got links to almost every post that goes up here every day, a collection of Swanny Duckson's finest Photoshop masterpieces, and is my primary outlet for getting even more jokes in at the expense of the Fraud Sawx.

The more fans it gets, the more I feel like doing more research, coming up with more post ideas, and putting more stuff out there for y'all to enjoy, so spread the word for me.  Family, friends, people you don't even know who you see on the street wearing a Yankee hat, it all works.

And just a reminder, I'll be on TYA again tomorrow.  Make sure you're checking that site out daily, if not multiple times a day.  It's the best in the biz.

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Offseason Housekeeping: Updating The Sh*t List

It's been a while since I've done a real update to the AB4AR Shit List, and now's as good a time as any.  So let's dive in and iron this shit out.

1) A.J. Burnett- Another year of an ERA in 5s, FIP in the high 4s, and WAR below 2?  With a whole bunch of new reasons excuses for why he pitched like garbage?  Yeah, I'd say he's still at the top of the list.

2) Joe's Bunting Strategy- Hmmmm, let hot hitters swing away or waste an out and their bat by having them sac Brett Gardner to 2nd?  This one's staying on the list for sure.

3) Randy Levine- Guh.  When I read that he was a part of the group that's in Tampa this week putting together the new CC offer and helping to finalize Cash's new deal, I wanted to re-enact the Joker's "make this pencil disappear" trick from "The Dark Knight" on myself.  On.

4) Joe's Bullpen Binder- The binder didn't seem to be as big of an issue as it was last year.  This year my big gripe was Joe's timing with bringing guys in/taking guys out and his maddening decision to not use D-Rob and Mo more in the ALDS.  So we're going to expand this to "Joe's Bullpen Management" and bump it up to #2 on the list.

5) Boone Logan- He redeemed himself in the postseason.  For now.  He's still right on the edge of being thrown back on if he continues to not get lefties out in 2012, but for now he's safe.

6) Damaso Marte- No longer a Yankee after they declined his option, so no longer a reason for me to hate him.  His spot on the new list will be filled by Pedro Feliciano, the new official LOOGY sunk cost on the roster.

7) Kei Igawa- Also no longer a Yankee.  I actually threw a party at my apartment to celebrate this (it was just me).  I hope he has fun doing whatever he's going to do now with his millions and I hope I never have to see him or hear about him ever again.  He's off.

8) Nick Johnson- Nick, I think I can finally let you go.  It's not your fault you're the real life Mr. Glass.  You're officially off the list.  Don't hurt yourself leaving it.

New Addition: Tim McCarver.- "Strike" is a 6-letter word, you goon.  Count it up.  And then stop talking forever.

New List- as of 10/26/11

1) A.J. Burnett
2) Joe's Bullpen Management
3) Joe's Bunting Strategy
4) Randy Levine
5) Pedro Feliciano
6) Tim McCarver