Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday News And Notes

- The Yanks are set to make their first contract offer to Derek Jeter before the end of the week.  Indications are it will be for 3 years/ $45 mil and early reports suggest Jeter wants more years while the Yanks are willing to go more money.  And around and around we go...

- While Cash said he wasn't planning on getting anything done at the GM meetings, there have been stories about the Yanks showing interest in lefty reliever Pedro Feliciano and Diamondbacks OF The Justin Upton.  Upton wouldn't be a bad trade at the right price (cough, cough!  Not 2 of the 3 Killer B's and The Jesus), but I have no interest in Feliciano.  If the Yanks want another lefty, get me Randy Choate.

- Marcus Thames could end up in Japan if the Softbank Hawks throw a couple million at him.  Can't say I blame the guy if he leaves, 'cause he ain't getting that kind of money from the Yankees.

- Reports are that Jorge Posada is doing very well after his knee surgery this week.  So we've got CC and Jorge down.  Who's next for a little offseason repair?

- Speaking of CC, we'll know by the end of the day if the mainstream baseball media is still a bunch of idiots if CC wins the Cy Young over Felix Hernandez.  Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for CC all the way, but if King Felix doesn't win this award then it should be completely done away with.

Traveling home today to handle some family business before the Thanksgiving holiday, so the content will be a little light around here this weekend.  As always, I'll direct everybody to the fantastic trio of LoHud, River Ave. Blues, and TYU for all the best Yankee news and opinions.