Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Empire State Yankees" Is The New Hotness

Real talk, being called the "Empire State Yankees" is infinitely more awesome than being called the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees.  I almost wish I didn't suck so bad at baseball when I was younger just so I could have had the chance to one day be a member of the Empire State Yankees.  As soon as hats with this logo are available to the public, I'm buying one.

But actually having to be a member of the team this year?  Yeah, that's going to suck a little bit.  Playing every game on the road and having your "home" games spread amongst a half dozen ballparks?  Yuck.

And no, Dellin.  That won't be a viable excuse if you don't get your walks under control this year.  Shape up, kid.

P.S.- Only thing cooler than "Empire State Yankees" would be "Gotham Yankees."

Sour Puss Makes His ST Debut Today

And he couldn't be more fired up about it!  See?

(Courtesy of

My man is STOKED!!!

P.S.- Classic busy day post right there.  When in doubt, or when without free time, make fun of somebody.