Sunday, September 5, 2010

Galloping Back Into The Lineup

Today's the day.  After a well-timed, much-needed trip to the 15-day DL, The Horse makes his gallant return to the gates of the Yankee lineup today.  All indications are he looks good and healthy after his rehab work, and Kevin Long has said he expects A-Rod to hit the ground running and perform like the MVP he has been, but only time will tell.

Deserved or not, The Horse will be back in the cleanup spot in the lineup and it should be interesting to see how that affects Teix and Cano, who have both benefited from each other's presence in front of and behind each other in the lineup while A-Rod was out.  But at the end of the day, the Yankee lineup is getting a 600-HR guy back in their lineup in place of Ramiro Pena, and that's an upgrade anyway you look at it, especially when that 600-HR guy has his groins, hips, calfs, hooves, and pasterns all back to 100%.