Saturday, February 18, 2012

1 Minute To Midnight

Well it's all over but the official approval from MLB and the passing of a physical, but since that hasn't happened I'm obligated to continue the doomsday clock countdown for the A.J. trade.

Erik Boland reported today that the physical would take place tomorrow and the Commissioner won't formally approve the deal until Monday afternoon, so this is likely just elementary at this point.  At least A.J. won't be showing up to camp tomorrow.

What Sources Would Say This???

"Sources said there is a good deal of sentiment within the Yankees organization to go after Raul Ibanez -- who wants to play for the team -- to be their designated hitter against right-handers, partly because they believe he can give them some days of outfield play.

Although Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui are also available, they are generally regarded as unplayable defensively, sources said."  (via ESPN)

I'm not going to go to Jon Heyman levels of shilling for Johnny Damon, because he's no Gold Glover, but any source that would consider Johnny Damon "unplayable" defensively when compared to Raul Ibanez is not a source that should be taken seriously and quoted in a story.  Hell, it's not even a source that should be talked to as a source.  Sure, his arm is basically a wet noodle in the outfield, but it always has been and wouldn't be a reason to call Damon "unplayable" as an outfielder.  And even if Damon was the benchmark for determining playability, there's no chance in hell that Ibanez passes that standard.  Against Matsui, sure.  Against Damon, no way.

If the Yankees are saying that they truly value Ibanez over Damon because of defensive skills, that statement has to be coming from Levine.  There's no way Cash would make a decision this stupid.

TYA Roundtable: Roster Changes

The second TYA roundtable discussion is out, this one focusing on what the differences will be between the roster that opens the season and the potential playoff roster.  Head over and check out my take and the takes of the rest of the TYA staff.

And if you missed it last night on the AB4AR Facebook Page, fellow TYA writer Michael Eder made Deadspin last night with his post on Jon Heyman's connection to Scott Boras clients and the Yankees. Do yourself a favor and check that one out too.