Thursday, May 6, 2010

ESPN Just Can't Get Off The Red Sox Bandwagon

(Bags O' D)

Interesting little tidbit I saw in the Post today:

"Joba Chamberlain, Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher were cited as baseball's top three overrated players, according to a poll of major league players."

I almost crapped myself when I read that this morning. Literally (not literally). These 3 guys are the most overrated players in baseball? Not Ellsbury, the leadoff hitter/incredible outfielder who can't get on base or make a play at the wall? Not K-Rod, the closer who can't work more than 1 inning without risking his arm falling off and who has a higher career WHIP than you would like to see from a "shutdown" closer? Not even Jonny Papelbon, who's ERA and WHIP has gone up every year he's been in the league and who can't even close out the fucking Orioles?

I mean sure Joba is a shitty starting pitcher, we already knew that. But a 2.92 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, 13 Ks in 12.1 IP to go along with 2 saves in 2 chances and 5 holds sounds pretty fucking solid to me. Swishy is hitting .295/.380/.457 with 5 HRs and 17 RBIs right now and plays a pretty damn good right field. And even though it seems like he's hardly done anything this year, The A-Horse is still on pace to drive in 102 runs this season and is playing Gold Glove defense at 3rd. But then I stopped and re-read the second sentence in the article and suddenly it all became clear.

"The poll, conducted by ESPN the Magazine during spring training, also found that 67 percent of the players feel home-run king Barry Bonds deserves enshrinement in baseball's Hall of Fame." (used courtesy of Reuters)

Really, ESPN?? That's what you've resorted to with the Yankees continuing to stomp on people's dicks while the Red Sox toil away at or below .500? Creating false player polls to try to keep your Yankee smear campaign alive as long as you can?

Please. Just stop. It's getting downright embarrassing now. I'm sorry that you don't have Peter Gammons to slurp Terry Francona's ball sweat anymore and that his replacement, Nomar, is boring and never says anything insightful. Just admit you were stupid to dump to the Yankees back in '04 for the flavor of the month, put your Jeter jerseys back on, and crawl back to the Dark Side with your tails between your legs. Just don't expect to be welcomed with open arms.

Andy's Elbow Not Feeling So Hot

(Photo courtesy of Anthony Causi, NY Post)

After leaving yesterday's win early and getting an MRI on what we now know was a balky elbow, Andy Pettitte is going to miss his next start with inflammation in said elbow.

That by itself is not a huge surprise. Being the elder statesman of the rotation, we all knew that Pettitte carried a big injury risk with him this season. If the guy is going to miss a start here or there, I can live with that.

The problem with this situation is the uncertainty and ambiguity associated with the amount of time Pettitte is going to miss. The team saying that Pettitte is going to miss his next scheduled start "at the very least" and George King writing things like "Don't look for Pettitte on Tuesday. Beyond that is anybody's guess..." in The Post are disconcerting because they suggest that the team and doctors don't know exactly what is wrong with Pettitte despite the MRI yesterday.

I'm sure the injury and recovery time isn't as black and white as I'd like it to be, but with an older player like Pettitte, you don't want to take the "wait and see" or "give it a try" approach. All that is going to lead to is continued arm problems and skipped starts and DL stints for him for the remainder of the year. I would rather see the Yanks err on the side of caution, skip him for a few starts until the elbow feels completely fine, and then let him get back on a mound and throw a session to see how it feels. Now sense in risking the long-term goals of the season for a team that's 19-8. I'll live with Sergio Mitre for a few starts if it means Andy is going to be healthier for the rest of the year and good to go for the postseason.

Or the Yanks could take the John Harper approach and trade him to Boston for Josh Beckett straight up. A change of scenery would certainly help heal Andy's elbow and help Beckett remember how to pitch instead of being a glorified BP pitcher.

P.S.- The Core Four is down to the One Gun right now (Jeter). Fucking SI cover jinx.