Friday, May 20, 2011

Where Is The Heart Of The Lineup?

I don't want to get into a huge discussion of this, because the game sucked enough as it is, but does anybody remember the last time Teix, A-Rod, and Cano all had big games in the same game?  They're supposed to be the heart of the order but I can't think of the last time that the Yankees had a game where all 3 of them cleaned house and carried the offense.  One has a good game here, then another one there, and it feels like the other 2 are nowhere to be found.

Their individual numbers are all pretty good, but they just aren't doing it together and that's another problem with the offense right now.  Tonight they were a combined 2-12 with 1 RBI.  That's just plain not good enough.

Coming into tonight, it looked like the offense had started to find its stride, but tonight was a step backwards and some fingers need to start being pointed at the big money All Stars.  These guys are among the best, if not THE best, offensive players at their respective positions and they need to start producing like it.  Instead of being a part of the offense getting it together, it's time for Teix, A-Rod, and Robbie to start leading the offense back.

A Perfect Segue

Could there be a more perfect opponent for the Yankees this weekend as they start to get their shit back together than the Mets?  In a series where they're rolling out R.A. Dickey, Chris Capuano, and Mike Pelfrey to face the waking giant that is the Yankee offense?  With David Wright and Ike Davis on the DL?  Really??

I guess the Mets can take solace in the fact that they might only have to face one beatdown tonight and then the rapture tomorrow will save them the embarrassment of being swept.  I mean, the rapture can't be as bad as this...


It's Friday, I'm feeling good, the Yankees are getting their swagger back.  Somebody hit the music!