Friday, December 10, 2010

Joba Getting An Early Start On His Offseason Workout Program

And apparently it involves having a Zoolander-style pose off with Mickey Mouse.

That's great, Joba.  Really great.  Here I am coming off a fantastic blogging season where I led the league in most varieties of the F-word used and won Best Photoshop Award and you still see me out here every day, giving it my all, trying to get better, making Daniel Turpen jokes at 8PM when I should be sitting in a VIP room somewhere with chicks hanging off me like goddamn jewelry.

And there you are, kicking it at Disney Land and yukking it up with fucking Mickey Mouse.  Unless he was giving you some tips on how to keep your front shoulder in to improve your fastball location or talking about changing your grip to get some bite back on that slider, I don't think there's any reason for you to be there right now.  Get off Twitter, take your kid home and put him to bed, and then get your ass down to Tampa to work with Larry Rothschild.

And iron your shirt.  Jesus Christ, man, have some class.