Monday, October 31, 2011

Sabathia Agrees To New Deal, Stays A Yankee

Well there's some good news to get while you're out at the bar with your friend, huh?  Via LoHud:

"The new deal adds a $25 million salary for 2016 and gives the Yankees a $25 million option for 2017 with a $5 million buyout, a person familiar with the agreement told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the Yankees had not yet announced the deal.

The option becomes guaranteed if Sabathia does not end the 2016 season on the disabled list because of a left shoulder injury, does not spend more than 45 days of 2016 on the DL with a left shoulder injury or does not make six or more relief appearances in 2016 because of shoulder issues. He retains a hotel suite on trips, a no-trade provision and the right to buy tickets."

I'd say that works out well for everybody involved, huh?  CC essentially gets a 5-year guaranteed contract worth $122 million, making him once again the highest-paid pitcher in baseball annually, with the chance for it to be a 6-year/$142 million deal if he stays healthy and productive.  The Yankees get the comfort of knowing they have their ace penciled in for at least the next 5 years while not being burdened with another risky long-term guaranteed contract.  Credit to both sides for making this happen quickly and not turn into a big unnecessary storyline.

Now somebody hit the fucking music!

Halloween Weekend Mostly Treats For The Yankees

The Yankees came out of this weekend with their directors of amateur and pro scouting still in those positions, 2 All Star-caliber players at 2nd base and right field brought back for the 2012 season on team-friendly option contracts, and their GM all but locked up for another 3 years on a new deal that just needs the I's dotted, T's crossed, and a signature.  That's like the baseball equivalent of going trick-or-treating in the really rich subdivision next to your neighborhood and hitting 3 houses in a row with full-size Snickers bars and buckets full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups just sitting on the front porch for the taking.

There's still the possibility of the CC opt out/new contract storyline being the bag of shitty pretzels or box of raisins in the candy bag at the end of the night, but at least getting these other things settled and out of the way ahead of that helps to lessen any drama that may surround the CC situation.  And who knows?  Maybe we'll get lucky and the whole thing will get wrapped up today.  That would make for a very happy Halloween for every Yankee fan.