Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Looking At The Yankees' Interleague Schedule (Updated)

The Yankees kick off their 20-game interleague schedule tonight when the Arizona Diamondbacks come to town.  It'll be New York's first series under the new interleague scheduling setup that MLB implemented this season, and to be perfectly honest, I hadn't given much thought to the team's interleague schedule and how it can work for or against them this season.  Every team is going to be impacted differently with the way MLB set this up, so now's as good a time as any to take a quick look at how things stack up for the Bombers and educate yourself if you're like me.

Granderson Not Cleared To Swing Either

It was reported last week that Curtis Granderson had been cleared to start swinging a bat, and Granderson tweeting out a picture of his injured arm without a brace on it seemed to support that report.  Yesterday, however, we were given some differing information via Dan Martin of The Post.

According to Martin's report and C-Grand himself, Curtis has yet to start swinging a bat and has not even been given a timetable for when he can begin.  While the doctors have been pleased with his progress so far, they want to see how his arm holds up to throwing a ball before progressing to swinging.

This makes us 2-2 on "can't swing yet" updates following a similar report on Mark Teixeira this past weekend.  As with Teix, this latest info on Curtis makes it seem like an early May return won't be possible, but also as with Teix, it's probably for the best that Granderson get more time to completely heal than less.  Remember that he still needs to get a full compliment of rehab/prehab swings in before returning to full game action, so late-May/early-June isn't out of the question.

Keith Law Not High On Low-A Charleston Prospects

For a guy whose scouting reports I usually enjoy reading and give some weight to, I was very disappointed in Keith Law's feedback on the Saturday Low-A Charleston game he watched and reported back on, and not just because he didn't have much positive to say about any of the Yankee prospects.