Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Update

Between the Thanksgiving-birthday-Ranger game 3-day bender that just ended last night, you've probably noticed that the site hasn't been very active this weekend.  Thankfully there hasn't been much happening in Yankeeland other than the Freddy Garcia signing, so I didn't miss much.

But vacation's over, I'm back in WI and I'll be getting back into the routine tomorrow for everyone who's been dying without AB4AR the last couple days.  And I know I said the AB4AR Top 30 would be starting in November, but that clearly hasn't happened and I apologize for that.  Hopefully later this week or early next week that will start to come together.

In the mean time, do me a solid and head over to the AB4AR Facebook page and "Like" the hell out of it.  I'm trying to get those numbers up.