Saturday, October 3, 2009

CC Is an Evil Genius

And the Academy Award for Best Performance by an actor in a leading role goes to...

CC Sabathia!!!

I love what CC did last night, absolutely love it.  The guy has been cruising along for the better part of 3 months, leading the Yankees' charge back to the top of baseball and now in his last start of the season, what does he do?  He goes out and lays down to Tampa, walking guys, giving up hits, and looking convincingly pissed off about it in the process.  Brilliant!  Fucking brilliant!

Now everybody on ESPN and Red Sox Nation can spend the next week talking about how ineffective he was, and bring up his past postseason failures, of course neglecting to mention that in the only 2 other postseasons he's participated in, CC has been pitching to the last day of the season, throwing on 3 days rest multiple outings in a row just to get his club in and then having to go out and pitch with a wet noodle for an arm when it really mattered.  This year he has the luxury of kicking back and following his normal routine and normal rest pattern and then going out in Game 1 and knocking dicks in the dirt left and right.

It was decided before the game last night that he was only going to pitch 5 innings anyway, so CC did the smart thing when he realized he didn't have his A-level stuff last night: he blew the game up, opening the door for all the talk and creating a false sense of hope for Detroit, Minnesota, Anaheim, and Boston as the playoffs begin. 

Why risk getting hurt in a game that doesn't matter?  Anybody who thinks CC has a legit shot at beating out Zack Greinke for the Cy Young is out of their mind and CC knows this.  He's already won the Cy Young before but he's got his eyes on the bigger prize now, a World Series Championship ring.  Now that the regular season is over, he can spend the time before his Game 1 start not worrying about impressing voters or willing enough strength out of his arm to get his team one more win, but focusing on his two potential opponents and getting his rest.  And in the process, he gift-wrapped the Cy Young for Zack Greinke and even gave Tampa's No. 1 pick bust David Price a little confidence for himself.  With as much good as he did other players and teams in addition to his own last night, CC should be given a Congessional Medal of Merit.

What a guy!