Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 AB4AR "Best And Worst Of The Year": The Regular Season

(Best Photoshop of the year)

- Chris Stewart Is The New Hotness.  He's not really, but it was fun to incorporate a "Men In Black 2" reference and play up Stewart's non-existent awesomeness all season.

- Don't Worry About Teix's Slow Start.  I don't know why I had so much faith in his SSS results in the first couple weeks, especially considering his history and previous years of decline.  Note to self for next season: be very concerned when Teix has another shitty April.

- My Painful Break Up With Phil Hughes.  If only I could have been this eloquent with my college girlfriend.  I've never had to fictionally break up with another man before, and I have to say, I think I handled it pretty well.  And yeah, I definitely sought advice from people at my office on appropriate break-up songs.  Don't judge me (even though I know they did).

- Reacting To Mo Announcing He Was Coming Back.  I feel like Mo brings out the best in the emotional side of my writing, and it still makes me feel good to know I have a chance to watch him pitch one more time.

- The Russell Martin/Laz Diaz Confrontation.  This season was the tipping point for me with bad umpiring in baseball, and the fact that something this egregious happened to a member of the Yankees was not going to stand.

- Commenting on CC's Fastball Problems.  Looking back on it, he probably was hurt here.

- The BG-1000.  Brett Gardner, the only guy who had a more troublesome elbow than CC this season.

- Jinxing Robbie Cano in the HR Derby.  AB4AR giveth and AB4AR taketh away.  That one's on me, guys.

- FJMing Ian O'Conner's Joba Obituary.  A friendly reminder that ESPN and its team of Yankee writers are absolute ass and should be avoided at all costs.

- C-Grand's Negative Trends.  Fair warning, I'm going to be really hard on Curtis if he has another season like this in 2013.

- Waving The White Flag to Bahhston.  Because their 2012 season was the highest of unintentional comedy and there was nothing I could do to make it any funnier.

- A-Rod's Return Gets Me All Hot and Bothered.  Probably the last real positive post I'll ever get to write about The Horse.  And with where his production went after this post, this wasn't a feather in my cap.

- Debating Derek Jeter's MVP Ranking.  I honestly thought he would finish top 5 because of the MSM's tendency to slurp him.  He ended up 7th.  Not too shabby.

- Game 162.  Definitely the most excited I've been for a Yankee game in almost 2 years, and even though the ultimate ending to their postseason was a disappointing one, it was still fun to have this much drama tied to the final game of the regular season.