Monday, March 4, 2013

So Cash Broke His Ankle Jumping Out Of An Airplane, Huh?

(Straight chillin'  Courtesy of John Harper)

Can't say I blame him.  I usually want to jump out of a plane when the Yankees have an off-day too.


Just kidding.  Actually it sounds like this was a pretty serious deal.  There were early reports that Cash suffered a compound fracture, similar in severity to Joba's ankle injury this time last year.  When asked by responding EMTs how he felt, Cash said, "Have you seen the guys we signed this offseason?  How do you THINK I feel?!?"


Seriously, folks, seriously.  It's hard to get upset at a guy who doesn't have an on-the-field job getting injured doing something for a good cause.  I only wish Cash would have waited a few weeks and did this on the anniversary of Joba's ankle injury.  That would have been an MSM Twitter firestorm!

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