Friday, June 28, 2013

Andy's Struggles At Home

(This definitely didn't help matters)

Didn't get to it yesterday, but there was another troubling trend in Andy Pettitte's game that came up on the ESPN broadcast the other night, that being his rather significant home/road splits this season.  Andy's been getting knocked around pretty good at Yankee Stadium in his last 5 starts there and his season home slash line presently sits at 5.72/3.91/4.29, compared to 2.81/3.14/3.18 on the road.

The simplest explanation for this extreme split is that Andy has gotten hit a lot more at home and given up more walks at home.  He's given up 11 more hits in 2.1 fewer IP in his starts at The Stadium and walked over twice as many batters there than on the road (15 to 7).  Digging a little deeper, there doesn't seem to be a drastic difference in his H/R contact rates and he isn't giving up more homers at home, so as with his overall uneven performance since coming off the DL this could just be a case where his .346 BABIP at home is a little unluckier than it should be and his .277 BABIP on the road is a little luckier.

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