Friday, June 28, 2013

Eduardo Nunez Starts His Rehab Assignment

It's been ages since he last played in games, and we've still never got a good explanation as to just what the nature of his ribcage injury was, but Eduardo Nunez has re-surfaced on a baseball diamond again.  He started his official rehab assignment yesterday with High-A Tampa, playing 4 innings at shortstop and going 0-2 with 2 groundouts at the plate.

Nunez has a 20-day window for his rehab, and unlike the Pinedas and A-Rods of the world he would actually be a good candidate to return earlier if his body is ready for it.  The left side of the Yankee infield is an absolute joke right now and even Eduardo would be an upgrade.  He'll still need to get more at-bats under his belt and it'd be nice to see him hold up physically to a couple of full games in the field, but hopefully he's able to return before the All Star break and give Joe something else to work with on that left side.

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