Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's not a HUGE breaking story, I think we could all see this coming, but the Yankees have announced that Nova will be placed on the 15-day DL with what's being called inflammation of his right rotator cuff.

Via Chad Jennings, the plan for now is to treat Nova with medicine and rest, and he will not throw or even pick up a baseball for at least 5 days.  Given the injury problems they've already had this year, and the season-ending nature of Michael Pineda's shoulder injury, it wouldn't surprise me if that "no throw" ban goes much longer than just 5 days.  You can't take risks with a rotator cuff.

Nova going to the DL opens up a roster spot for CC to come off tomorrow, so at least there won't have to be any funky roster moves to accommodate the big fella, but this is still hardly good news for Nova or the Yankees.  After a promising 2011, Nova crashed back to earth this year and now he's dealing with a shoulder injury.  Major bummer.

If any new details come out later, I'll update as needed.

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