Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Morning Food For Though: One Man, Alone...

Mark Teixeira's Last 10 Games: 5 HR, 8 R, 8 RBI, 9 BB, 6 K

Carlos Beltran Brian McCann, & Alfonso Soriano's Last 10 Games Combined: 3 HR, 8 R, 9 RBI, 5 BB, 20 K

It's starting to become annoying to talk and write about, but there's really nothing coming from the middle of the Yankee batting order right now except for Teix.  I mean nothing.  Beltran is getting replaced in the lineup by Ichiro, McCann's OPS is 88th out of 98 qualifying AL hitters, and Soriano is swinging and missing at everything.  Joe tried to shake things up last night with Gardner at the top and Ellsbury hitting third and that didn't help.  The team has scored 3 or fewer runs in 6 of their last 9 games.  Mark Teixeira is the only consistent offensive threat in the lineup and he isn't getting any help.  Mark Teixeira is one man, alone.  Betrayed by the lineup he loves...

P.S.- Yes, I just used a clip from a "Transformers" movie to punctuate a point about the New York Yankees' offense.  Next-level blogging right there.

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