Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keith Law Ranks Yankee Farm System 20th In MLB

Keith Law released his list of farm system rankings on yesterday.  The top 3 teams were the Astros, Twins, and Pirates, and the Yankees came in at 20th.  It's an Insider-only article, but if you don't have access here's what Law had to say about the Yankee system:

"It seemed like everyone who mattered in this system got hurt in 2013, and of those who didn't most had disappointing years. The good news is every one of the injured prospects should be healthy to start 2014 (except Slade Heathcott, for whom 'healthy' is an abstract concept), but it also means the Mason Williamses and Tyler Austins of the system will run out of excuses if they don't hit."

Nothing we didn't already know there.  The bulk of the Yankee system had a down year, but they've got enough talent and enough depth to move back up in the rankings if a few guys turn things around in 2014.  Law also cited the "strong" 2013 draft class as an upgrade to the system.  For what it's worth, Law had the Yankees 10th in his 2013 rankings.

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Anonymous said...

What exactly about the history of Brian Cashman's tenure a GM leads you to believe this farm system is going to produce anything? He has been GM for nearly two decades and his farm system has produced only one elite player (Cano). Some of the best prospects (Jackson, Clippard, Kennedy) were abandoned early. Not one of the touted prospects over the last decade has contributed anything.