Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Surgery Recommended For Teixeira

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The writing for this was pretty much on the wall from the moment he injured his wrist in March.  It was filled in darker a little more than a week ago when he asked out of a game and ended up back on the DL with inflammation.  And it got written over in big, bold permanent ink today when the Yankees announced that surgery is being recommended for Mark Teixeira's injured wrist tendon sheath.

Based on a review by both team and outside doctors, it has been determined that the sheath is not healing "adequately" and the recommendation is for surgery to properly correct the problem.  At a press conference a little more than an hour ago, Teix expressed his frustration and disappointment with the situation.  He said he plans on having the surgery sometime next week and with an expected rehab timeframe of 4-5 months it will be the season-ending surgery we all expected it to eventually be.  Teix did say he expected to be 100% within 6 months, which should put him in good shape to return at full strength next year.

That this was the widely anticipated endgame for this injury since its initial diagnosis in March doesn't make it any less of a blow to the Yankees.  They're essentially going without their 30 HR/100 RBI first baseman for this entire season, a loss that has been just as impactful on the poor offense as any other.  With Lyle Overbay struggling in June (.208/.255/.313, 33.3% K rate), the Yankees will likely need to look for an upgrade at first base.

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Steve Karsay said...

Nice of the W.B.C. to pay Marks salary while he remains out... Would be even nicer to have a switch hitting 30 HR 100 RBI guy in the line-up,even if he does hit .230.

Heres to a healthy return Teix.