Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Joba, Your Fastball. Woof!

I thought the slider was going to be the key for Joba this season, and truthfully he could stand to tighten up the location on that baby too.  But his fastball has been an absolute disaster in his first 5 appearances.  Not only is he throwing it over a MPH slower than he did last year (according to FanGraphs and Texas Leaguers), he's also not throwing it for strikes:

(Click to enlarge, courtesy of TL)

Sweet fancy Moses, that is terrible!  Almost every pitch is either in the meaty middle portion of the strike zone or nowhere near the strike zone.  He's thrown his 4-seamer for strikes less than 50% of the time in the 47 times he's thrown it so far, and if he wants to cut down on the walks and set up his slider more effectively he needs to start commanding it better.

P.S.- Yeah, I know I just mixed '90s references there with "Home Alone" and "Seinfeld."  I'm that good.  Deal with it.

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