Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So That Injury Report Is Filling Up, Quick, Huh?

There was plenty of other more positive news to talk about yesterday, but the biggest story in camp, as it has been multiple times already this spring, was injury-related.  Mark Teixeira was scratched from Team USA's WBC exhibition game and then scratched entirely from the roster after injuring his right wrist in the batting cage.  More tests will be done today, but it already doesn't sound good.  If that wasn't enough, David Robertson was unable to make his appearance in last night's ST game because of trouble getting his arm loosened up.

Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but if you're keeping score at home the Yankees are currently on track to enter the regular season with at least moderate injury concerns at the following positions:
  • First base- Teix
  • Shortstop- Jeter
  • Third base- Youkilis & A-Rod
  • Left field- Gardner (always a risk with the diving)
  • Center field- C-Grand
  • DH- Hafner
  • Starting rotation- CC, Hughes, Andy (always a risk because he's old)
  • Bullpen- Mo, Logan, Aardsma, D-Rob??

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