Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where's The Rest Of CC Sabathia??

(Courtesy of the AP)

"Sabathia said he lost about 10 pounds over the winter and is down to 290. He said that’s what he was last spring, and that seems about right. He looks about the same as last spring. 'This is the ideal weight,' he said. 'I was probably about 300 by the end of last year, so I probably gained 10 pounds.'" (via Chad Jennings)

Either CC is wearing Shaq's shorts and t-shirt in that picture or he lost more than 10 pounds this offseason.  Seriously, what is going on there??  Is that a camera trick or something?  Dude looks fucking SVELTE.  If that's CC at 290 then I can say with 100% certainty that he looks better at 290 than I look at 200.  I'm also not 6'7" but you get the point.  The big fella is looking lean and mean.

P.S.- Is it the tights?  It's gotta be the tights.

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