Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Quick Word On The AL ROY Voting

Hellickson- 102 points
Trumbo- 63 points
Hosmer-38 points
Nova- 30 points
Pineda- 11 points

Is that a joke?  Are the voters serious?  Who voted for the Rookie of the Year this year, a local Tampa Bay middle school class??  Fuckin' A, man.  That point total is TERRIBLE.

You want to tell me that Jeremy Hellickson was a slightly better pitcher than Ivan Nova this year?  OK, I'll buy that.  But you can't try to tell me he was THAT much better than Nova.  And there's no way you can convince me that he was better than Michael Pineda at all.  Or that Trumbo with his sub-.300 OBP and Hosmer with his shitty first base defense were better than Nova and Pineda.  JUST LOOK AT THE FUCKING NUMBERS!!!!

Whatever.  It's a joke.  20 bucks says Nova would have gotten more votes if he wasn't wearing a navy blue hat with an interlocking "NY" on it.  Although on the positive side, maybe the still lingering love obsession with HRs gives C-Grand a better shot at winning the MVP next week.

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