Saturday, May 14, 2011

Low Point? Low Point.

Tonight was the culmination of the recent Yankee team-wide shittiness, and as much as I'd like to be calm and rational and logical about it, I just can't.  The team has played sloppy, lazy, lifeless, horseshit baseball for 2+ weeks now and there has been little to no signs of things getting better.  Joe called a team meeting after last night's loss and instead of turning things around tonight, the team came out and laid down and died again, falling 6-0 to Fraud Sawx Nation.  If they were a tree in the forest, you wouldn't have to ask if anybody heard them fall tonight because they went down quieter than Helen Keller in her sleep.

And this whole Jorge Posada situation is a complete shitshow.  Joe demotes Posada in the lineup, which is perfectly justifiable given Jorge's performance so far this season.  Only Jorge doesn't like it so he decides to tell Joe he isn't playing tonight.  Jorge's wife scrambles and tweets that he had back stiffness even as comments from Cash are coming out that don't point to any injury being mentioned or being the cause for Jorge's absence in the lineup, and then after this crap heap of a game Jorge decides to state that he had a stiff back and didn't tell anybody about it.  Classless, childish, selfish, unprofessional, take your pick.  For a player who has been as solid all around as Jorge throughout his career, this was pretty low.

There are issues simmering beneath the surface of this Yankee team right now, and they are clearly having a big time negative effect on the team.  They aren't hitting worth a damn in any situation, their pitching has either been solid from the rotation and horrible from the 'pen or vice versa, and there are no signs of intensity from anybody.

The clubhouse leaders aren't getting it done, Joe's not getting it done, nobody is fucking getting it done right now and it's downright pathetic.

** Note- This rant was written after about a dozen beers and a handful of shots.  So take that however you want. **

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Rasheeda Cooper said...

Agree with you on all fronts. This team is in shambles and someone needs to step up and get in some faces. In the past, that would have been Jorge, but, right now someone needs to get in his face. I'm shocked by his behavior. His "pride" was always a positive attribute to his character, but now it's taken him down. Way down.

Girardi, Jeter, A-Rod...somebody needs to get down and dirty in that clubhouse. Otherwise, this is going to continue.