Monday, May 17, 2010

Is Larry Brooks Kidding?

Here's a beauty from Larry's "end of the world" take on the Yankees' loss yesterday:

"Instead of going into these next seven games against the Red Sox, Rays and Mets as an all-powerful 25-12 behemoth able to leap tall buildings and all obstacles with a single bound, they're a 24-13 second-place team that needs more help from its marquee players than its been getting." (courtesy of The NY Post)

Larry, you've got to be kidding me, right?  25-12 makes the Yankees a behemoth and 24-13 makes them nothing?  You forget, dear Larry, that even if the Yankees would have won yesterday and ended the week at 25-12, THEY STILL WOULD HAVE BEEN IN SECOND PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yesterday's loss did nothing more to change the Yankees than any of the other 13 they have this season.  It was a shitty loss, but it was a freak loss that more than likely won't happen again this season.  If you're looking for a team to fold its sails and wither and die because they lost a tough game at home, go cover the fucking Mets.

In your attempt to spread doom and gloom throughout Yankeeland, you actually proved just how strong the Yankees are.  They have been ravaged by injuries in the last month, are piecing together lineups day by day, are juggling their rotation to keep Javy Vazquez away from anything even remotely resembling a pressure situation and heaping more responsibility on their 23-year-old 5th starter who is working on an innings limit this year, they didn't get much from Teix and The Horse in April, they haven't gotten anything from Jeter and Cano in May, and yet they are still 24-13 and in second place in what is the strongest division in baseball.

In other words, THEY'RE FINE!!!!  Teix and A-Rod are coming around, Jorge is mashing since getting back into the lineup, and Jeter and Cano are going to start hitting again eventually.  When all these marquee guys do start to come together and produce, the Yankees are going to steam right by the Rays and start pulling away with the division.

But I'm sure when that time comes, Larry will have something  else to complain about, like maybe how the Yankees ONLY have 3 guys in the top 10 RBI leaders, or ONLY have 8 All-Stars, or are ONLY a team 25 games over .500 instead of being 26 over if they wouldn't have lost to the Twins on May 16.

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