Monday, May 17, 2010


How do ya like them apples?!?!?!

First The Fucking Horse goes yard to tie it up and then Marcus Thames makes Papelbon pay for daring to cross Dark Helmet and a great game that turned into a horseshit game ends up being a great game again all in 4 hours.

Yep, just Yanks-Sox baseball.  What else is new?

Nothing is better than watching Jonathan Papelbon blow saves.  Except watching him blow saves to the Yankees.  Seriously, nice location on those fastballs, bro.  Gardner slapped your shit into left, Teix almost parked one, The A-Horse demolished one, and Thames' was a no doubter as soon as it left the bat.  What a fucking toolbox.  Have fun watching this videotape over and over again you piece of trash.


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