Friday, July 12, 2013

Hafner Might Be Cooked

  • .318/.438/.667, 9.9% BB rate, 13.9% K rate
  • .179/.286/.299, 13.0% BB rate, 31.2% K rate
  • .174/.230/.348, 6.8% BB rate, 25.7% K rate
  • .171/.275/.229, 10.0% BB rate, 27.5% K rate
Those are Travis Hafner's monthly splits for this season, starting with April at the top and ending with his present production in the first half of July.  They are not encouraging.  His physical size and reputation are still enough for pitchers to tip toe around him when there are runners on base, but if they throw good stuff close to the plate there's not much Pronk can do with it.  In the season's first month he was worth 1.0 fWAR.  He's registered as a negative WAR player in each of the last 3 and now sits at just a .316 wOBA and -0.1 fWAR for the year.

Pronk was out of the lineup last night after fouling a ball off his foot and if the Yankees want to try to get anything out of him in the next 2 and a half months they might want to consider keeping him out through the ASB.  He has very little speed in his swing and very little pop in his bat when he does make contact.  He was a huge injury risk when the Yankees first signed him.  Now it appears like too much playing time has sapped him of his strengths as a hitter.

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